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The world may be stopped, but money is still moving.

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With a Video Masterclass produced by TYGR Productions, you’ll be able to captivate and educate a global audience better than ever before!

What exactly is a Video Masterclass?

Glad you asked. 

Simply put, a Video Masterclass is a highly produced, multi-chapter course that allows you to share your expertise in a visually impressive and extremely engaging format.

It looks like this:


This format offers significant advantages compared to a normal course or ebook:

Extremely High ROI

Higher production value = higher ticket cost.

Build Immense Trust

People can feel your energy radiate from their screen = you will build an army of lifelong, high trust buyers.

Multi-Sense Learning

The combined visual and auditory learning leads to better retention
and results from students.

Just Sit Back and Relax

All you need to do is talk to the camera. I handle the rest.

Hear from some of my former clients how the video course benefited their brand:

He went above and beyond to make sure the product was pristine. Talented and trustworthy - get him while he's still affordable.

Pat Stedman - $39,500 in 3 monthsDating & Relationship Coach

Using his production company allowed me to produce something truly special.

Ali Alexander - Made 3x his initial investmentPolitical Consultant

Working with him has been an awesome experience.

Alexander J.A. Cortes - $21,586 in 1 monthHealth Writer, Bro-Philosopher

Want to turn your brand premium and sell an authentic quality product with an extremely high return on investment?

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