Change your Position, Grow your Business

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Positioning is an extremely underrated aspect of growing your business.

Positioning is how you frame yourself in relation to others in your market.

Whether you are entering an already crowded market (which is where the money is) or are on the cutting edge of a new frontier, your position is essential to nail down.

Right now, most of you reading this are probably positioning yourself inadequately. So, let me show you how to fix that with a little story.

While trying to break into the Real Estate market by helping agents out with video and such, I got the opportunity to shoot a home video with a big time (top 25) real estate broker in San Diego County. The shoot went really well and he took me on as somewhat of a mentee. I asked if he would look at some sample video offers for other realtors in the county. He looked at them, kind of chuckled, and said:

“You need to change your approach.”

He went on to explain that to really drive a wedge into this packed and highly networked market, I need to make it much more enticing.

“Everyone is a photographer and a videographer”?

Instead of calling myself a “Videographer”, I should be a “Branding Partner”

This mental shift intrigued me, and I asked him his reasoning behind this.

Simply put, “Videographer” has no edge. There’s no differentiating factor that sets me apart from the other 10,000 videographers; no figment of the word induces thought or intrigue.

But BRANDING PARTNER…that’s interesting. That drives questions in the prospects mind. Plus, everyone likes having a partner. This aspect implies you’re in it for the long run.

With this simple shift in thinking, the amount of services you can build a package around now has increased.


  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Home Photography

“Branding Partner”

  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Home Photography
  • Agent Photography
  • Agent Brand Management
  • Consultations
  • Social Media Marketing

By differentiating like this, you don’t just limit competition, you eliminate it. You’ve transcended “videographers” as a category completely.

If this means taking an initial price hit, taking the time to learn new skills and spending time failing, then so be it. The results in the long run are much more fruitful.

At the end of the day, that’s your goal with any service business: provide as much value as possible. When you change how you think about yourself, you open the door to more giving, and at the same time, more receiving.

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