500 Words On Why You Should Make Films

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Filmmaking is one of the newest artistic mediums. While painting, sculpting and writing have been around for thousands of years, motion picture production in its current state has only been around for a little more than a hundred years.

Filmmaking has a very low barrier of entry for beginners. Pull out your iPhone, switch it to video mode and go film something. On the opposite end, it has an absolutely tremendously high peak for intermediate and advanced filmmakers to strive towards.

It is a clunky medium. Unlike other mediums, films require crews to reach their full potential…or even be made in the first place. It requires the balancing of personalities, the taming of egos and the absolute orientation toward the completed product.

Shoots can be absolutely degrading, tiring and unrewarding. And when it all reaches the editing room, none of it could be satisfying to your taste.

Contrary to it’s low valleys, filmmaking is also an incredibly rewarding art which brings out immensely good. It is a teacher of essential life skills:

  • Planning: Pre-production is all about creating and fine tuning the script. Gathering the needed supplies and crew takes time, effort and vetting. Balancing proper planning with dedicated execution is a balance you can carry into numerous other creative or business adventures.
  • Adaptation: Equipment stops working, people don’t show up; Things change in an instant on a film set. Having back up plans and making quick, smart changes on the fly is a skill which is tested constantly while filmmaking, especially in low budget, amateur films.
  • Managing PeopleOn a film set, there are many different personality types, all with different goals and different jobs. Keeping heads calm and focused on the scene can make the difference between a completed film and taking a walk with Dante into development purgatory.
  • Cinematography:  Movie making teaches you invaluable camera skills. Framing is a skill which can be applied to point and shoot cameras just as much as video cameras. Learning how to capture moving action clearly and effectively allows you capture higher quality still images.
  • Relationships: Filmmaking is the only collaborative art by default. Relationships are key to expanding your filmmaking skills. This is about keeping amiable, working relationships with mentors, people in powerful positions and assets who can effect your career for the better.
  • Dealing With Failure: You are going to fail a ton when you begin filmmaking. That is inevitable…and exciting. With an abundance mindset, failure is just the universe giving you a lesson in what not to do next time. Those who never failed are those who never tried. Better to start young and sharpen those skills early than struggle when the responsibility packs on later in life.
  • Visual Persuasion/Storytelling: What is the 1 underlying reason people make films? To make money (which implies lots of viewers). 70% of all information will be taken in video format by 2020. Mastering the art of visual persuasion will give you a significant advantage in the professional and artistic world.




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