The Fall of Tiger Joseph (literally): 3 Intial Things I Learned While In A Backbrace

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I made a decision that has me in a backbrace for the next 6 weeeks.

On Sunday, April 8, we were shooting a scene of Minus Modus. A fairly simple scene consisting mostly of just dialouge and a few movements. Nothing insane or too intense, the shoot would be pretty quick. Until, that is, I decided to do a stunt.

My thinking was to add an element of avant-garde comedy to the shoot. I wanted to literally drop into the frame from above before the first dialouge sequence. My brilliant, flawless mind led me to the decision that I will fall from a 12 foot drop above the other actor. EVERYTHING will be fine.realactionablefilmmaking.png

Except it was not. I landed (with my shoes off) and instantly a sharp pain shot up through my lower back. I yelled out in pain and hobbled to the couch. Physical self-own. I couldn’t turn my body or get up without insane, sharp pain.

The next day after a fairly horrific night sleeping on the floor for spurts of a couple minutes here and there, I went to an orhopedic care unit and got my diagnosis: broken L1 vertebra. Anterior only, no surgery required, just 6 weeks in a back brace,

Praise the lord.

Since my time healing, I have learned a great amount about myself and about the intricacies of life itself.

1. It’s Not Worth It

Doing the epic stunt is not worth it if the proper safety gear is not used and the location secured. Looking back, I could have gotten the same shot except from a ladder or even a high chair.

Along with that, this puts my life on hold for a couple weeks. While I still can edit, my freedom to shoot footage, act, go to the gym, drive…basicallyt everything outside the house is off-limits right now while I heal up.

Plus, I’m 18! Not even into my twenties yet. Destroying one potential life timeline, the one where I walk, over a shitty stunt for an amatuer film stunt…simply not worth it.

2. Gratitude galore

I am so thankful I did not damage my posterior vertebra. If so, surgery would have been required. More than that, I am glad I did not destory my vertebra completley causing permanent nerve damage. I am thankful to not be paralyzed below the waist.

My parents are angels from heaven who watched over me with such careful poise and tender care I have never seen or felt from them. They deserve to be treated so much better than I (sometimes) treat them. All minor squabbles are dead to me now, strangled by the ever tightening family bonds.

Man alive, I seriously have no idea what I would have done if that was the case. Life is precious man. I will never forget that now.

3. Never take your movement for granted

While this ties into gratitude above, this deserves its own seperate point. You never take into account how important free kinesthetic movement is to your life until you lack it. Going down stairs takes time now.

Not being able to dance, fight or lift weights has been a struggle. My body’s conscience screams to burst out and trample throughout the world, but alas, you can’t always get what you want .

In closing, this has jsut strengthened my drive for life. I promise when I am out of these self-impsoed, not-so metaphorical back-heavy chains, the content will reach a new high from me.

Oh, and I have a video of my fall, which I will be posting soon of course!





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