The Beauty of Silence When Lifting

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I usually lift weights to music. Rap, classical or some modern electronic music. Whatever it is, I always have music playing during my lifting sessions. The gym is one of my favorite places for a reason: I get to become phsycially stronger while listening to music I compile but never have time to listen to at home.

But, I decided to try an experiement. In wake of listening to some Jordan Peterson lectures about sacrificing what is most valuable, I decided I will not listen to music during my training at all. I wanted to see if this would help me in any way.

I have always struggled with focus in and out of the gym. Keeping my attention on tasks, other than filmmaking , has always been the biggest dragon I have yet to slay. Well, after 1 week of Monday through Friday training, I can say this approach has been a positive change to my weightlifting routine. I can now say I have hurled a spear into that dragon.

Every rep felt powerful and FULL. My mind was 100% present throughout all the set, which usually is not the case with music. It was easier to detect minor problems in my technique and fix them, such as a sway. There is something primal about hearing my own breathing instead of atrifical beats. I feel more in tune with my body’s structure. than ever before.

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