Chuck Schumer And Donald Trump Teach You How To Act In Films

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Recently, this politician has been seeing much media time due to his constant feuds with President Trump (I love saying that).

There is one thing you notice about Schumer’s presentation in the Senate, other than his forhead wrinkles and glasses. That is his constant need to read from a prewritten script EVERY TIME he gets up on stage.

Now, I know other politicians read from scripts but NONE are as bad as Mr. Schumer. Schumer looks straight down at his paper and only occassionally glances up when he finishes a sentence.

This means no matter what the content of his speech is, his message is neutered by the fact he never seems sincere. His words do not manifest from the inside as a strong passionate voice who is serious about the issues at hand but rather as a material gesture meant to fulfill a job requirement.

Mr. Schumer’s performance during the Kabuki Theatre of Capitol Hill is a great example of what NOT to do as a budding actor in a short film.

Even if the script you are reading is good or even ABSOLUTELY JAWDROPPING, unless you physically embody what your lines, the audience will notice and you will look bad on the reel.

Watch a Trump rally and then follow that by watching a Schumer speech. Completely disregard the policies, even mute the video if you want. Notice their mannerisms, their body language and facial expressions. Schumer is melancholy, lifeless and BORING. Trump is moving around, smiling, taking breaks from the speech by laughing or acknowledging an aspect of the crowd or his speech from on the fly intuition.

There is a big difference demonstrated their. One man knows how to connect with the audience, the other, does not.


You might say “But Trump has acting experience!” All politicians are actors. They just get to determine policy along with acting (No wonder why Hollywood and politicians are aligned, people who make a living off facades for too long begin to believe what they say is true.)

Remember the “crocodile tears” moment below? What would have been a somewhat hearfelt moment to some Americans turned out to be laughable as he pulled a classic “SchumerScript”. How can you look sincere, serious and affected by the issue when you read straight from a paper!


To conclude gentlemen, inject your character with some, well, character! Embody what you are saying and make sure you believe it (or at least make people think you believe it.) Do not imitate Chuck Schumer and just read the script, thinking you did good work when in reality you just made a fool of yourself.


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