The Story behind “Clams Casino – I’m God (ft. MC Ride) [Count Ortiz Music Video]”

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My first music video was a product of incubation. I wanted to make a music video for a long time. More specifically, I wanted to make a music video for the Death Grips song “Culture Shock”. Unfortunately, I never was able to conceptualize a full idea for the visuals. Something was always off for the level of production I had readily available.

On Thursday,  before my crew arrived to my garage to shoot a completely unrelated scene for a different project, I was scrounging around for props when I found the strobe lights and wave form light. The idea hit me.

We are going to do the music video in this garage. 

To test, I shut off the lights, turned on the strobes and waveform light. Good, but not exactly what I wanted. I would have to find some other aspect to bring it to the next level. When the crew arrived and we shot the scenes, we set up the CRT TV for the scene and realized it created a futuristic, blue glow.

This glow coupled with the lights transformed my garage into a psychedelic hangar, the perfect aesthetic for the Clams Casino version of Culture Shock.

Midway through the shoot of the unrelated scene, I told them “We are shooting a music video after this” and left it at that (great job, director!).  Two members of the crew, Jeffery and Jack, both acted as the Media Slaves seen in the video. Jeffery and Jack donned these ridiculous jumpsuits one would find on a Weyland-Yutani moonbase from Aliens and I told them to do “trippy stuff”. Sam got behind the camera, I put the song on the speaker and we recorded a single take. Turns out, that single take was all we needed.

I am unsure if my lack of planning helped or hurt the video’s potential, but what I do know is that this experience has made me want to produce more music videos in the future.


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