Utilizing 6 words to Create Amazing Promo Videos

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Want to hear the secret?

Give it a guess.

It’s six words you hear frequently together. C’mon, take a guess.

Can’t figure it out?


So simple! Let’s break it down, shall we.


Define a singular subject. Who is/are the individual(s) behind the brand? Establish a face (or faces) early in the video. This adds personality to the company or product you are promoting. It’s not just X company, it’s Jason or Susie or Ortiz’s company. By putting a face on the company, you make it more relatable.

ALL of the narraration should be done by the spokesperson of the company, preferably the owner/founder. You are just the guy shooting and editing it


What? I don’t know! You tell me! This is the meat of the promo video, where the audience learns about the product being sold. In other words, what the hell is the “who” selling? These include the features of the product or service, presented in the most appealing way possible.



Give us a timescale. Through the “who’s” mouth, the audience should be told when this product is availible. Will it launch in the next year? If its made remotely, how long will it take to be shipped? Or is it already availible. This is arguably the least important of the 6 as many products are already out on the market before the promo video is made.


Again, through the “who’s” mouth, why should you buy this product or service? Play with the heartstrings a bit and highlight WHY the product or service is A. worth the price and B. will help the customer in a more existential way

For example: show on video “Bob’s Performance Training” provides you the highest quality of training because of Bob’s exstensive fitness background and show the results of some satisfied former customers.


This one is testy. If it is a physical buisness that is NOT a chain, then a location is nice to add for context and to help attract local customers. If the promo is for a group or a company in general, stick to platitudes and generalities.


“How” can mean many things depending on the product or service. The “how” can explain how the product/service works. Most of the time, you want to lead the potential customer to show HOW they can buy the product/service or support the company. If it is a less tangible group, explain the companies buisness model.

Distribution of each

Now, here is where my own discretion comes into play. In the video piece, not all of these elements should be used equally.

A general heuristic:

WHO-10% of the piece, visually. You want a majority of screen time to be the service/product itself. BUT, the WHO should be speaking over a majority of the piece.

WHAT-40% of visuals Show the people the product or service.


HOW-20% of visuals.

WHERE-10% or less of visuals.

By hitting all of these six words with visual and auditory information, your promo piece will cover all the bases needed for turning the potential customer to a longtime buyer or supporter.






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