What are Mini-Edits and how are they useful?

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The best way to get better at filmmaking is by making films constantly. Sometimes, however, you simply do not have the time to commit to a film, but you still wish to work on your filmmaking skills. This is when a Mini-Edit comes in. A Mini-Edit is a 30 second-1 minute short consisting of one to two subjects maximum. A very, very short scene.

To  start, get any camera you want. This can be a Nikon or an Iphone. Now, find a subject to record. Any action can be captured in a Mini-Edit. A walk cycle, the act of loading and shooting a rifle or even watching television can be captured in a mini-edit. Practice shooting this action from as many angles as possible and from as many distances as you can conceive. Add some music and slightly flick the camera to the beat of the song. The goal of the Mini-Edit is to practice the art of making your film visually interesting, regardless of the subject matter.

Finally, drop the footage into an editor (any editor, I am not prejudiced) and begin splicing and cutting your way to a solid final product.

The Mini-Edit is an all in one package that trains shot planning, cinematography and editing all in under an hour. Along with that, they are good filler to add to a film resume as they show your ability to craft a quality product with a frugal budget in a small time span. I would highly recommend making a Mini-Edit if you are interested in filmmaking but have no idea where to start.

It can’t hurt. Unless you physically get hurt making it for whatever reason. If so, I hope you got it on tape.

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